When It’s Not What I Want


Now may our God and Father Himself and Jesus our Lord direct our way to you.  I Thess. 3:11

            Paul loved the group of believers in Thessalonica.  He had poured his life into them and they were his spiritual children.  He wanted to see them again but is quick to defer his longing to God’s desires instead of his own.  He is a servant of Christ and he knows that he is not free to do what he pleases.  This is no small concession.  It is not some insignificant matter that means little to him.  God called him to stay where he was, separated from those he loved, and give up what his heart really wanted. 

            Chuck Swindoll said recently that “my heart is God’s address.”  My body is his home.  My mind is his mind.  My heart is his heart.  From before the foundation of the world He knew that I would be His and, through His Spirit, He would ask me to give Him permission to use my body to do whatever He wanted on the earth.  Unless He had bodies to use, His work would be incomplete.

            Recently, God asked me to do something for which I’m really struggling.  I have wept over the request many nights. It’s not what I want to do at this point but God has been speaking to me in the quiet that my body is His to use.  He has plans for me and the place to which He has called me, if left to my shortsightedness and natural desires, would never be somewhere I would choose to go.  My tears are cried in ignorance, I’m sure.  Time will reveal the kind intentions and eternal purposes of a sovereign God.

            What are you longing to do today?  God knows.  He may say yes and clear your path.  He may say no and ask you to sacrifice your desires.  Whatever the request, He does all things well and His love never changes.  That is a statement of faith that we often make through our tears.

Not my will but thine be done.  Amen

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