The Logical Choice


You have appointed your testimonies in righteousness and in all faithfulness.  Psalm 119:138

I often read a portion of the Word and think, “Ok, this is sure out there.  I guess I’ll stretch my faith and choose to believe it anyway.” (Like it was some heroic act.)  I’m pulled up short this morning.  It should be easy to believe God.  He is a truth teller.  He is holy.  His love is faithful.  Knowing this, why would the choice be difficult. Continue reading “The Logical Choice”

What Begets What?


Righteous are you O Lord, and right are your rules.  Psalm 119:137

God acts according to His nature.  He is totally consistent.  He is love and never acts cruel.  He is just and never acts unjustly.  He is faithful and never turns his back on me.  He is truthful and never speaks forked words.  He is pure and never voices concepts that are unreliable.  Character begets behavior.  Character begets strong and righteous language. Continue reading “What Begets What?”