Month: April 2010

The Unbeliever’s Profile

THE UNBELIEVERS PROFILE Salvation is far from the wicked, for they do not seek your statutes.  Psalm 119:155     A child of God will hear a precept of the kingdom and think, "Oh, I would love to be able to be like that.  I need … Continue reading The Unbeliever’s Profile

The Advocate In Heaven’s Courtroom

THE ADVOCATE IN HEAVEN'S COURTROOM Plead my cause and redeem me; give me life according to your promise.  Psalm 119:154 Many of God's children are fighting for their lives today in some great controversy.  They are in the center of a battle.  The strife is … Continue reading The Advocate In Heaven’s Courtroom

A Pro-active God

      A PRO-ACTIVE GOD Look on my affliction and deliver me, for I do not forget your law.  Psalm 119:153 Knowing that God looks on my affliction and asking him to deliver me are two different things.  Just because the first happens doesn’t … Continue reading A Pro-active God

The Compatability of Love and Justice

THE COMPATIBILITY OF LOVE AND JUSTICE Hear my voice according to your steadfast love; O LORD, according to your justice give me life.  Psalm 119:149             Today's scripture stretches me in every way.  I'm having a hard time getting my mind around it; so … Continue reading The Compatability of Love and Justice

Before The Day Begins

BEFORE THE DAY BEGINS I rise before dawn and cry for help; I hope in your words.  Psalm 119:147 I used to wait until I was in trouble before asking God for help.  When everything was in shambles, I would then hope in God’s Word … Continue reading Before The Day Begins

Knowing My Pitfalls

KNOWING MY PITFALLS I call to you; save me, that I may observe your testimonies.  Psalm 119:146 The most important prayer for any child of God to pray is not to be saved from their enemies, or their circumstances, but from the bent of their … Continue reading Knowing My Pitfalls

Bending, Engaging, Investing

BENDING, ENGAGING, INVESTING With my whole heart I cry; answer me, O Lord.  Psalm 119:145     God is engaged with a heart that is engaged with Him.  It has always been about the heart, not token behavior.  His people could go to the temple, say all … Continue reading Bending, Engaging, Investing

The Logical Choice

THE LOGICAL CHOICE You have appointed your testimonies in righteousness and in all faithfulness.  Psalm 119:138 I often read a portion of the Word and think, “Ok, this is sure out there.  I guess I’ll stretch my faith and choose to believe it anyway.” (Like … Continue reading The Logical Choice

What Begets What?

WHAT BEGETS WHAT Righteous are you O Lord, and right are your rules.  Psalm 119:137 God acts according to His nature.  He is totally consistent.  He is love and never acts cruel.  He is just and never acts unjustly.  He is faithful and never turns … Continue reading What Begets What?