The Secret of a Steady Kind of Consistency


Keep steady my steps according to your promise, and let no iniquity get dominion over me.  Psalm 119:133

    A sprinter who erupts out of the gate and spends all his energy at the front of the race might very well lose it to the one who paces himself.  The latter conserves his energy.  Steadiness, along with skill and focus, earns him the gold! 

    The great ventures of the faith are not won by momentary exertions that leave one breathless.  Spiritual victory and growth is attained by daily grace and a steady pace.  I don’t have to be the fastest, the brightest, or the one who makes the most noise and gets all the attention.  I need to just do what is right today.  I need to stay steady in the race.  I need to remain consistent with a lifestyle of prayer and meditation that fuels my steps.  If I work feverishly, then burn out and crash in a heap, I won’t have the internal resources to fight hopelessness and fatigue.  Unbelief and sin will more easily gain dominion over me because I have not maintained my Christian walk through measured steps.

    Iniquity can be kept at arms length.  God’s grace empowering my motion, slow and steady, is the key to stability.  If I’m moving slowly today, I can rest in the promise that any movement, even a turtle’s pace with my hand in God’s, is getting me to the finish line safely and effectively. If I’ve got abounding energy, I ask God to reveal a pace that keeps me grounded and connected to His Spirit in unwavering prayer. 

Some days are slower than others, but I press in for grace to move out of inertia.  Steady my steps and keep me in motion.  Amen 

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