Gold and Fine Gold


Therefore I love your commandments above gold, above fine gold.  Psalm 119:127

    The value of a gold bullion depends on its fineness, or the percentage of it that is made up of small particles.  David has learned to love God above the value of fine gold.  God did for him what gold could never do.  Gold could not protect him against Saul.  Gold could not have purchased his anointing.  Gold could not make his friends loyal.  Gold could not enrich his soul and give him peace. 

    I can almost hear the hesitation – then the further clarification of David’s writing.  It’s as if he thought as he wrote.  “I love you more than gold.  No, make that fine gold.”  Today, though gold is still attractive in the form of dollar amounts, stocks, and real estate, my sentiments could expressed in a similar way about things which could own my heart.

  • Lord, I love your Word above my health, even health in the prime of my health.
  • Lord, I love your Word above my family, even the one I am the closest to.
  • Lord, I love your Word above my ministry, even though it’s the ministry I’ve waited for my whole life.

    Can such sentiments be heartfelt?  Yes, if they have been tested in the fire.  Let someone lose their health, a precious relationship, or their life’s work, and they will discover that God’s Word was all that saved their lives.  Their values were re-aligned as everything else slipped through their fingers.  

    I consider what I’m clutching today, that ‘thing’ I’ve decided I can’t live without.  I ask myself if it can do for me what God can do.  Can it prevent despair?  Can it change the heart of a family member?  Can it turn enemies into friends?  Can it restore a broken spirit?  Can it bring me God’s presence and peace?  Perhaps what I have come to value above all else is worth little in comparison to the infinite value of the Word accumulating dust on the coffee table.  God’s voice calls to me to come and discover a new kind of thirst, a spiritual thirst which can forever be quenched as I dip my cup into the well of the Spirit.

Lord, I’m humbled as I remember clutching everything and everyone but You.  I lost nearly all of it and found Your Word.  Protect my heart and my deepest affections.  Amen 

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