Month: March 2010

The Best Way To Spend Freedom

THE BEST WAY TO SPEND FREEDOM Redeem me from man’s oppression, that I may keep your precepts.  Psalm 119:134 Each of us were created to be free in Christ.  The leadership we were made to experience was designed to resemble the kingly rule of Jesus; … Continue reading The Best Way To Spend Freedom

The Secret of a Steady Kind of Consistency

THE SECRET OF A STEADY KIND OF CONSISTENCY Keep steady my steps according to your promise, and let no iniquity get dominion over me.  Psalm 119:133     A sprinter who erupts out of the gate and spends all his energy at the front of the race … Continue reading The Secret of a Steady Kind of Consistency


PANTING I open my mouth and pant, because I long for your commandments.  Psalm 119:131 When an animal is chasing something, he pants.  The hunt is all-consuming.  I have no trouble, when describing something in the animal kingdom, as one who pants.  But in the … Continue reading Panting

The Word and My Response

THE WORD AND MY RESPONSE The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.  Psalm 119:130 When the Word of God is spoken, the possibility for understanding and then transformation exists.  Whether or not that occurs in the life of a … Continue reading The Word and My Response

Gold and Fine Gold

GOLD AND FINE GOLD Therefore I love your commandments above gold, above fine gold.  Psalm 119:127     The value of a gold bullion depends on its fineness, or the percentage of it that is made up of small particles.  David has learned to love God … Continue reading Gold and Fine Gold

When the Subtlety of Sin Shifts

WHEN THE SUBTLETY OF SIN SHIFTS  It is time for the LORD to act, for your law has been broken.  Psalm 119:126     God is longsuffering.  He hears people profane His name, watches as they worship other gods, and bends under the grief of seeing them choose … Continue reading When the Subtlety of Sin Shifts

His Steadfast Love

HIS STEADFAST LOVE Deal with your servant according to your steadfast love, and teach me your statutes.  Psalm 119:124 Consider how life would go if the following requests were made: “Dear Internal Revenue Service, please deal with our burdensome taxes according to your history of … Continue reading His Steadfast Love

Eye Strain

EYE STRAIN My eyes long for your salvation and the fulfillment of your righteous promise.  Psalm 119:123 Much of my life has been spent on the road.  I’ve driven a lot of late nights, waiting for a hundred miles or so to disappear so that … Continue reading Eye Strain

God’s Mortgage Payment

GOD’S MORTGAGE PAYMENT Give your servant a pledge of good; let not the insolent oppress me.  Psalm 119:122             Those who have engaged in military battles can tell you that victory was never sure.  In the middle of the war, no one could tell who … Continue reading God’s Mortgage Payment

Putting Holy In Front Of God

PUTTING 'HOLY' IN FRONT OF GOD My flesh trembles for fear of you, and I am afraid of your judgments.  Psalm 119:120     In the missionary journal of Henry Martyn, this entry was found.  “In prayer, in the evening I had such new and terrific … Continue reading Putting Holy In Front Of God