Those who fear you shall see me and rejoice, because I have hoped in your word.  Psalm 119:74

Most people look up to us when we are loving, patient, compassionate, or merciful.  However, not all of our obedient and holy acts will be understood and admired.  David says that only those in the family of God will rejoice when they see us do the hard thing.

What might someone tend to disrespect even though it may be God’s way?  When I wait for God’s release from a difficult situation rather than take matters into my own hands.  When I give a jerk respect instead of joining the crowd in name-calling.  When I choose to hang in with a relationship even though others say I’d be better off bailing.  When I wait for God’s promotion rather than self-promoting.

Waiting on God is difficult to do in and of itself, but when you add others criticism, it makes it all the more difficult to persevere.  The only ones who encourage me are the ones who are also motivated to walk the way of the disciple.  Living God’s way will mean, for the more serious disciple, appearing to walk the way of foolishness.  Jeering will follow, even exasperation by those who want me to take the easy way out.

I should not be disillusioned nor discouraged by the backlash.  Company is scarce among those who follow in the footsteps of Christ.  I should make companions with those who see my struggle and cheer me on to do the right thing.  Immature bedfellows will slowly chip away at my faith.  Spirit partners will strengthen the desire of my fidelity.

Thank you for giving me mentors and friends who love Your ways.  Amen

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