Your testimonies are my delight, they are my counselors.  Psalm 119:24

God’s Word is a reliable voice in my ear, guiding me in directions that will never come back to bite me.  Ask three people for advice and you could get three different answers.  That creates an ultimate dilemma.  But God will always be consistent, stunningly simple, and facilitate success when I obey.

When I am sad, God’s Word comforts me.  When I am angry, His word helps me understand what my anger is really covering up.  When I am exasperated, His Word gives me purpose while I learn to wait.  When I feel guilty, His Word tells me whether or not my guilt is justified or I have fallen prey to the accuser.  When I feel betrayed, His Word helps me grieve, then forgive.  When I feel I’m out of options, His Word smashes the notion that I’m trapped.

God’s Spirit is the counselor.  Just like a loving dad might put an arm around my shoulders when I’m tired and say, “Rest, Christine.  God is not challenged in the least by your mountain”, the Spirit of God whispers the same thing.  My role is to be still long enough to allow His voice to be heard above the noise of my world and the self-talk of my inner turmoil.  He loves to teach and comfort His children.

I could have saved myself many years of counseling if only I had understood You.  Now, we are connected, Lord.  I depend on You every day for every word I need.  Amen

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