Mis-judged Kingship


Jesus, knowing that they intended to come and make him king by force, withdrew again into the hills by himself.  John.6: 15

After Jesus fed five thousand people, He was so extremely popular that the crowd wanted to hail Him as King.  But Jesus, knowing He had come to die and His Kingdom was not yet of this world, had to withdraw to a private place to escape this public ceremony. Continue reading “Mis-judged Kingship”

The Danger Of Miracles


Rabbi, when did you get here?  John 6:25

Jesus intended to go to Capernaum.  Getting there meant crossing a body of water.  The only boat available for passage, however, had left hours ago with His disciples in it.  Jesus is not trapped.  He simply walks on water to join His disciples in the middle of the sea.  Meanwhile, the crowd that He fed the day before with five loaves and two fishes goes to search for Him.  When they find Him in Capernaum they are puzzled and ask, “Rabbi, how did you get here?” Continue reading “The Danger Of Miracles”