Wind Behind The Manna


“There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish, but  what are they for so many?”  John 6:9

Jesus’ plan has always been to use His people to do His work.  A boy provided the meal, simple and meager as it was. Jesus touched it and then the disciples distributed it to the people.  The meal would have been nothing without Jesus’ miraculous touch.

The night before last, I had a vivid dream.  I was mixing together three unlikely ingredients to make a bowl of something to eat.  Jesus was standing nearby and I asked, “What is this, Lord?”  He answered, “It’s manna for the people you’ll be feeding in my name.”  I was suprised because the ingredients were such that you wouldn’t mix them to create anything appetizing to eat.  I said to Him, “But how will these three things make anything edible?  I don’t get it.”  He laughed and replied, “The secret is in the wind.”  With that I heard a sound of a mighty wind coming into the room.  It blew into the ingredients and stirred them up so that they rose into the air, into a swirl before settling back into the bowl.  I finally understood that the Spirit had touched ingredients so common and transformed them into something heavenly.

This is the time of Pentecost, the time we remember how the disciples were empowered to do God’s work.  While meeting in an upper room, wind and fire announced His arrival on the scene.  The wind took their meager gifts and made them powerful for the Savior’s use.  The fire enabled them to speak in many languages so that the people would be able to hear the Gospel in their own tongue.

Wind has always been a sign of God’s presence.  Wind, breath, and Spirit are all synonymous.  Jesus breathed on His disciples and filled them.  They were being equipped to minister from a position of overflowing.  No longer empty but filled with His Spirit, the message would spill out of them onto others effortlessly ~ with power and passion.

As I leave today for a weekend of ministry, I consider the gifts in my hand that need His influence.  A message to teach, some songs, a few stories, some flutes packed in a travel case.  All of these are common and, in and of themselves, will not change lives.  The wind of the Spirit promises to catch them into a swirl, stir them up, so they can take on new potential.  They are being combined, even this morning, to form a manna.  Women will eat and their vast emptiness will be replaced with the Bread of Life.

“Come, Holy Spirit.”

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