I am getting to do for you what I wish someone had done for me.  I was imprisoned for forty years, and suffered privately, from issues for which I had no hope of resolving.  People who loved me looked on helplessly.  They were mostly sympathetic, yet unable to equip me with the keys necessary to lead to my freedom.  I languished for spiritual direction, for someone to help me assess how I traveled to such a hopeless place in order to discern the way out.  I also deeply desired to engage in a kind of intercession that would loose the chains that held me captive.  None of these were to be found.

God said, “Enough!”  He accelerated my process by destroying all my props and bringing me to the end of myself.  Through intensive time in the wilderness, the Holy Spirit became my spiritual director.  He gave me the keys to rebirth during a three year period.  That was ten years ago.  Since He wastes none of our pain, He equipped me to define this process, package it, and bring it to others whose Christian life has also been characterized by disappointment and powerlessness. Is that you?  Do you desire to be awakened from your deep sleep?  Do you desire to connect with God and feel fully alive when you pray?  Do you hunger for a deeper discipleship journey and wonder how to break through the barriers that hold you back?

Here’s another question. When was the last time, in this relationally starved world we all live in, someone asked you one thought provoking question after another?  Would you allow me to do so here, by way of example? These questions have to do with relationship because prayer mapping begins by helping you repair and enhance your relationship with God so that you can pray within a context of intimacy.

  • If you could have the relationship with Jesus that you always wanted, what would it look like?
  • If you could be the person you always wanted to be what would you look like?
  • How easily do you trust God?  What might He ask you to do that you would refuse?
  • Do you hear God speaking to you?
  • Where in your spiritual life do you feel stuck?
  • Are you a spiritual infant, toddler, adolescent or adult?
  • Is there a life scenario that sends you down a destructive path of no return?
  • If you knew there were new mental pathways available to you, would you allow Jesus to create them?
  • Are you ready for a deeper life change no matter the cost?
  • If no, what are you afraid of?
  • Are you willing for Jesus to speak to your fear?
  • If you heard Him speak would you renounce your fear?
  • Are you ready to leave what feels comfortable and familiar for a life characterized by faith and obedience?

If you revel in these kinds of questions, if you benefit in any way from this kind of spiritual introspection, then a prayer mapping conference is for you.

Prayer mapping is not a way to pray, nor is it a formula. It’s praying boldly within the context of relationship.  Praying Mapping does three things.

1.   It exposes any fractures within a person’s relationship with God and tells him/her how to repair the breach. (A personal inventory is presented throughout the conference wherein fractures are revealed.)

2.   It trains a person to discern divine strategy in what appears to them to be impossible circumstances or painful relationships.  The strategy enables them develop a customized prayer map, targeted specifically for that situation or person.

3.   It launches a child of God into a deeper dimension of spiritual life – equipping him/her to live a different way.  The Prayer Mapping Event is the catalyst that moves a person out of their current box into a spacious place of faith and freedom.


  1. Thank you! This past week-end was such a strong and perfect answer to prayer for my needed catalyst into a deeper dimension of spiritual life. This retreat provided me the necessary time away, opportunity to dwell thru worship and prayer, as well as the needed guidance in how to draw closer to my Lord. A path toward faith and freedom was received with gratefulness and grace and I praise God for His work so lovingly carried out thru your gifts! I can’t thank you enough! I am amazed and humbled by His power, love, and mercy.

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